Driving Lessons Wrexham

Customer Review

Thank you Zoe Wheatley for taking the time to send us a review of our services, we greatly appreciate it. "Thank you Jen for everything! I will miss our Tuesdays and thank you for always fitting me in somewere. I used to dread driving...and now I CAN'T WAIT!!" "I heard really good things about Jen and Nigel Richards Driving School and I found learning to drive with them really relaxed compared to my last driving instructor! I absolutley loved it once I got over my nerves" "Jen was fantastic! She always listened and explained/showed me well (however many times I couldnt get my head around things!) I loved doing things in stages and being pushed when needed, she made is fun also I loved my homework each week!" "YES I would 100% recommend them. Such a good team, and if all the others are like Jen driving must be a breeze, also I liked the organisation of pre-payments and bulk courses-kept me going!"   Zoe Wheatley of Wrexham